Saturday, June 6, 2015

My own sewn long skirt

Yesterday was the last class for the semester.

Today in the morning I felt not really well. Initially I intended to work from home in the morning but did not have the feel. Looking at the screen made me feel more dizzy. But sleeping during day time is simply not my thing. I need to do something else.

Slowly I re-arranged the kids wardrobe. And found a fabric given by a relative long time ago. Suddenly the urge to sew that into a skirt came. I browse through some youtube videos looking for ideas and voila.. I wanted to make a long A-cut skirt for myself.

So almost all day, I worked the skirt using my little sewing machine. And here it is.. It's done except for the waist band that I need to look for in the shop.

As for me, this is a big success as this is my first time product for sewing ;-)

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