Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cameron Highland's Mardi Agro Technology Park - May 2015

From the tea plantation, we went to an agro park by Mardi a government agency specialised for agriculture development.

Again, from the tea plantation, the drive took us almost 2 hours for less than 2 km journey. Just take it as sightseeing through the road overlooking the bushes and jungle scenery left and right with patience. Otherwise you would end up hating the whole trip. Luckily we had some foods in the car to keep the children occupied. Luckily too no one had the nature call throughout that might polluted the forest ...

The park was fun too. There are variety of colourful flowers, strawberries and vegetables. A shop was selling strawberry based products like ice-creams, yogurt and juices. But many products were out of stock for extra demand from so many tourist during the holiday.

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